Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Limo Service in Washington DC

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The Capital, Washington DC, is where Abraham Lincoln’s memory is enshrined forever, and his legacy of preserving the union and abolishing slavery remains. Washington DC reminds people of money and luxury; hence money and luxury bring along luxury cars. There are numerous limo services in DC, but choosing one is up to what suitable type of questions you ask from the limo service you are checking out. There are several things you should be considering while hiring a limo in Washington DC, and do not be afraid to ask the following questions to find the gem;

1. Ask them are these cars owned by the company

Make it clear before booking the ride that the vehicles the company uses are owned by themselves to ensure you are hiring from the original source. Some companies take limousines for rent and use them further at higher rates for profit. Ask the company to send the picture of the vehicle, and if they do so in no time, there are high chances that they are true to their claim. You can also go to the firm’s garage and inspect the cars firsthand to avoid any inconvenience later on during an event, meeting, or casual ride. You should also check the limo’s cleanliness, outlook, and overall condition before hiring.

2. Do they perform background checks and drug tests?

Chauffeurs should be screened appropriately before hiring; even if it is a well knows company, your safety is in your hands. Ask the company whether they have performed the criminal background check of the chauffeur. Criminal records are open to the public under the Freedom of Information Act and State Public Record Law. You can legally check the chauffeur’s criminal record and drug use history openly without prior authorization or through a record custodian, which varies from state to state. In some states, law enforcement agencies are the record custodians. In others, clerks of the court deal with this matter.

3. Ask them about the safety of the vehicles

Another critical point to discuss with the service providers is the safety and security of the vehicle. Accidents can happen at any time, even if the car is in excellent condition, but you still need to ensure some future steps that the company should take in case of any mishap. Ask them if the company is prepared for such situations and to what extent. Will they send a mechanic to the site if the vehicle malfunctions? Or, will the company send a replacement if the collision accident happens? Also, check the limo up close for first aid kits and fire extinguishers.

4. Ask them about their insurance and license

Limousine services should have an insurance policy for the safety of their customers. The total sum of an insurance policy is usually $1.5 million, so customers are covered if an unfortunate incident happens. In addition, you should ask the company about their license to operate, which should have the date of expiration mentioned along with the insurance number. In expansion to DMV permit for working as a limousine service provider, the limo company ought to have NJ business registration, a metropolitan license, and other relevant records.

5. Ask them about their fleet and service areas

Your preferred limo service should have a vast fleet to choose. More options mean more variety and availability of resources, in this case, more comfort and facilities. You should hire a limo from a company with a wide range of vehicles, from Cadillac XTS to Sprinter. Some rental companies have very few limousines 1980s models that they bought at a low price, maybe a couple of thousand dollars. You will not like to have those old models at your business meetings and on special occasions when you can have the newest, luxurious, and up-to-date models right at your doorsteps with a few clicks. 

6. Ask about the seats and space available for luggage

Depending upon which trip you are making, the seats and luggage space required would be different for all of them. Such as Cadillac XTS can accommodate three people and three bags and can be used for small business meetings and if you want to enjoy a trip with your significant other. However, if the plan is to bring along a few more people with you, Cadillac Escalade can accommodate up to six people and six bags. Sprinter can have up to twelve bags and fourteen passengers if the party is more extensive.

7. What amenities do you offer?

Ask about the refreshments and facilities provided to you during your journey. Tablets, water bottles, mint, beverages, etc., some limo companies offer drinks, and some do not, so you should ask in advance without assuming that they will, before hiring a limo. Or, if it is in the company’s policy, you can ask them to provide drinks in advance to avoid ending up with an empty cooler. You may be required to bring your own bottle of Champagne with you, but came to know this when it was too late.

8. Ask them about the route they will take

Ask them in advance about the route they will take to save time, and make sure they take the path you prefer. If you want to reach somewhere early, ask the chauffeur to take to shortest route possible and if you are there to enjoy the luxury ride, have a more extended business meeting, or have some fun time with friends, dictate your desired route to attain the required time you need.

9. Do they have a cancellation fee?

Be conscious of the possibility that you can have a sudden change in plan and have to cancel the booking. If you must cancel the program, ask whether you will pay minimum hourly charges or just for the fuel and tip the chauffeur. Both parties should set the terms and conditions of the booking at the time of the booking.


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